Arizona Bus-ess Council for Alcohol Education - Phoenix AZ 85004

1625 North Central Avenue Phoenix AZ 85004
(602) 256-4500(602) 256-4500

Arizona business council for Alcohol Education in Phoenix AZ has provided support for local and state Alcoholism Treatment Programs, both residential and outpatient. “ABC is a leading organization to have certified by the Arizona DLLC and offered CERTIFIED DRIVING SAFE DRUG Training in Arizona.” “ABC’s program is recognized across the country as one of the very best programs available.” “ABC’s Arizona program is an outstanding example of how to provide education about alcohol issues. The program is very well done and produces results.” “ABC’s Arizona program is also recognized by the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Council of the States for its continuing education program that is offered throughout the year.”

Arizona business council for Alcohol Education in Phoenix AZ has been providing assistance to those people, who are suffering from alcohol-related disorders, or alcohol-related problems, including Alcoholism Treatment Programs. “ABC offers both residential and outpatient programs. ABC’s program provides both treatment for alcoholics and for those who suffer with alcoholism problems such as depression and other mental health problems.” “ABC also has a program that provides education and information on substance abuse.”

“ABC’s alcohol education program emphasizes the importance of getting a diploma for those students who want to continue their education. This will prepare them to do well in school and earn a decent salary. It is a proven fact that people who have a diploma are more likely to get employed.” “ABC’s alcohol education program is also aimed at changing the lifestyles of alcoholics. They are more likely to have healthy relationships and to become good spouses.” “ABC’s alcohol education program focuses on making alcohol rehabilitation possible for those who are addicted to alcohol. They are more likely to stay sober and eventually find freedom and recovery from their drinking habits.”

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