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The Phoenix area has several mental health agencies that provide counseling and treatment for the mentally ill. Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services provide a variety of services to the mentally ill including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, intensive outpatient care and inpatient care. Counseling is offered through residential facilities as well as outpatient programs and services.

Individuals who are suffering from severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and/or substance abuse can be diagnosed with these disorders. These disorders need specialized treatment so that they do not relapse into their old ways of living. This is where the professionals come in. One of the primary roles of the professionals is to identify a problem and then work with the patient to provide an effective plan of treatment. They will be able to determine the specific cause of the problem as well as recommend the type of medication needed to treat it. There are also psychotherapists on staff that specialize in treating individuals with the above disorders.

Most of the Phoenix area agencies offer individual and group therapy and other types of community-based support for the people suffering from mental illness. This is beneficial for the family of the person suffering from mental illness and those around him or her. When the individual is receiving the help that he or she needs, the family and friends feel better about themselves and are able to cope better with the person’s situation. These mental health agencies also provide education programs for the public as well as support groups for the community.

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