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Arizona Healthcare Contract Management Services/North Woods Residential in Tempe has become one of the leading residential addiction treatments in Arizona. “In 2001, we have developed an outstanding treatment model for our residential clients. This unique approach includes a combination of psychological and medicinal treatment programs geared towards achieving maximum recovery for our clients.” North Woods Residential in Tempe is committed to providing a safe and healthy living environment for all its residents.

“We strive to meet the community’s goal of achieving total wellness through a well-rounded approach that addresses all of our residents’ needs. Our treatment programs offer the same high quality of care that is provided in our medical facilities, but with a unique emphasis on individualized care. We are committed to providing the best medical assistance available to our clients so that we are successful in our mission of making a difference in the lives of our residents.” “The residents of North Woods Residential receive ongoing outpatient care, which includes health and wellness programs that focus on nutrition and fitness, psychological support, family education and empowerment, education about lifestyle and community involvement, alcohol and substance abuse education, and peer support.”

“We work in collaboration with our community’s goals in order to ensure an inclusive experience. The residents of North Woods Residential receive a complete physical examination to be sure they have a proper weight. Then, upon admission, they will be screened for any pre-existing conditions and assigned a case manager who will coordinate their care throughout the course of treatment. Each resident will be assigned a case manager who has the responsibility to meet with him or her at least once during each treatment phase. Community members are encouraged to participate in the treatment process by offering their personal and/or group services.” “We are dedicated to making sure that every person with a substance abuse problem receives an individualized attention and treatment that help them get on the road to recovery.”

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