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Drug rehab is the rehabilitation process of mental or medical therapy for dependency on certain psychostimulant drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, or heroin. It also includes detoxification from these psychostimulants and its long-term medical consequences. The main objectives of drug rehab are to treat the patient for addiction, in a controlled and drug-free environment, as well as, to help the patient recover from the symptoms of drug dependency. Many people who become dependent on these drugs are addicted to them because of an underlying psychiatric disorder, although most of these individuals do not have a serious mental health problem.

Generally, drug rehab facilities are designed so that the person coming into the program can maintain abstinence from the use of the substance at least for a period of time. If the patient does not go through a complete withdrawal, the treatment may only be half complete, meaning that the patient will still be using the substance but will not be able to live without it. Most rehab centers offer outpatient treatment programs, which means that the patient can go to the program and then be sent home. The program is also usually offered at the facility, although the outpatient treatment is not offered at all times. However, some drug rehab centers may offer long term residential treatment, meaning that the patient may attend a residential treatment program at the facility during the day and then go home to live on their own or with a family member or friend. While the residential treatment program may be more expensive, the success rate at this program is much higher than those programs that offer outpatient programs.

One of the most important aspects of a drug rehabilitation program is making the patient aware of the consequences of his/her actions. This is important because a person who becomes addicted to a substance may do whatever they want, even when the substance is not physically addictive, or they do not feel like they have a physical need for it. The patient needs to know what the effects of the substance will be on them. Some people use their bodies as a source of pleasure or a way to numb out feelings of pain. Other people may use the substance simply to get high or to feel better. Some people use it to cope with emotional pain or to feel better. The patient needs to understand the risks and consequences of the substance use before he/she decides to start a program.

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