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If you’re looking for a treatment program that will help you overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs, you’ll find that the University of Arizona Neuropsychology PC in Chandler AZ is just what you need. This clinic has helped many people overcome their addictions to these dangerous substances and offers the best Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in the world. This outpatient treatment center will give you the treatment that you need, but you have to be willing to put in the effort to overcome your addictions. Many times, patients come here with a long history of drug or alcohol abuse and are ready to get better. Once a patient completes one of our treatment programs, he or she can return to life their normal, productive life.

Our Rehabilitation Center includes outpatient treatment programs and inpatient treatment options. We believe that each patient should get the best possible care for them, no matter what type of treatment they need. The staff at this clinic is extremely compassionate, caring and knowledgeable, and are committed to ensuring you receive the best treatment for your alcohol and drug problem. When you visit us, you’ll learn that you can overcome your addiction, no matter what your past may have been like.

The Substance Abuse Treatment Programs offered at this clinic include outpatient residential treatment programs, short-term residential and outpatient treatment options, outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, and inpatient residential treatment programs. We encourage all of our patients to get help from this clinic, whether they are in need of residential treatment, outpatient therapy, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient treatment or other inpatient programs. Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs offers a variety of therapies to help you overcome your addictions and get back on track.

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