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The Addiction Treatment Center for Mental Health Services (ATHCMS) is a community-based mental health treatment facility located in the Phoenix Arizona area. The center has three main facilities located in Phoenix Arizona and serves individuals and families affected by addiction. The Arizona Department of Mental Health Services (DMHHS) is the contractor for the Center and provides oversight of its substance abuse programs and services. The Center is designed to help those struggling with substance abuse and addiction find a new direction toward a healthy lifestyle. The Center offers a number of programs that are designed to help patients who are not responding to medication or behavioral therapy treatments to find a treatment that works for them.

The mental health services offered include outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment. The Center has two outpatient treatment centers located in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. The Phoenix Arizona Treatment Center is designed specifically for adults suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. The Center also provides treatment and support for children and families who have been affected by substance abuse. Inpatient treatment is offered through a variety of programs including in-house clinical treatment in-house group therapy and in-patient residential treatment. The Center has one private rehab facility that is located in Scottsdale Arizona.

Addiction Treatment Centers is committed to providing quality treatment for substance abuse and addiction. All residents in the Phoenix Arizona Addiction Treatment Center receive the care and treatment they need to become healthy and lead an alcohol and drug free life. The Center aims to provide a safe and supportive environment that provides a strong base from which to begin the recovery process. The Arizona Department of Mental Health Services (DMHHS) provides oversight of all Substance Abuse Programs and services provided by the Center.

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