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Drug rehabilitation centers offer a variety of treatment programs to help addicts kick the habit and lead normal lives. Drug rehabilitation centers to help individuals overcome drug use disorders by giving them the tools they need to succeed in their recovery. Some drug rehabilitation centers are age or sex-specific, to help patients feel safer in the rehab environment. There are different types of treatment programs at drug rehabilitation centers ranging from inpatient treatment programs to outpatient programs, and they vary widely in prices and length of treatment depending on the severity of the problem.

Inpatient rehabilitation programs offer the most immediate help, while outpatient rehabilitation programs offer assistance that allows individuals to slowly progress into the treatment program. Most treatment centers have strict waiting periods before an individual is allowed to enter the program, and some center have strict rules about who can attend. Inpatient treatment programs tend to be less expensive and offer faster results, while outpatient treatment programs tend to be less expensive and may take longer for a person to enter the program. Depending on the type of drug a patient is addicted to, there are different treatment programs available to meet the needs of the patient.

Some drug rehabilitation centers require a patient to return each month, while other centers offer treatment that works best when the patient stays in the treatment program for a longer period of time. The duration of time an individual spends in a treatment center also depends on the severity of the addiction and the number of treatments that are offered at the facility. Treatment programs include detoxification and maintenance programs, medical visits, group therapy, and psychotherapy to help patients overcome their problems. These programs are designed to help people achieve long-term recovery and keep them off the drugs for good.

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