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“Arrowhead Professional GRP in Phoenix AZ specializes in substance abuse treatment. “The Addiction Professionals of Phoenix, AZ have been providing quality services to substance abusers for almost 20 years. We believe that addiction is a disease and not a crime. This is a unique facility that focuses on treating addiction from an individual’s mindset. We offer a wide variety of outpatient substance abuse treatment programs to meet the needs of patients who may come to our facility. We offer an Addiction Treatment Center for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a disease that has become so prevalent in society today. Many believe that it is no longer just a problem of the poor, although that is true, but also of the well off. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for the well off to use the power of drugs and alcohol because they think that they are able to buy it legally and that it will never happen to them. Unfortunately, this is not true. With so many drug addicts being homeless and having lost their homes due to drug and alcohol addiction, we need to make sure that every person who comes to our facility gets the proper treatment.

We know that substance abuse treatment is necessary and that it cannot be treated through medication alone. We believe that it is a combination of the two that will help the patient. The first step in treatment is called detoxification and this is where the patient is provided with proper cleansing and care through the use of detoxification programs that are designed to clean out all the toxins that have built up inside the body. The second step is called maintenance and this is where the patient gets the needed support and encouragement to continue the recovery process. we offer a detoxification detox program in the form of a day center and a full-time treatment program. We offer a treatment plan that includes a combination of medication-assisted treatment along with the other programs we offer to help the patient along the way.

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