Ascent Childrens Health Services - North Little Rock AR 72117

4107 Richards Road North Little Rock AR 72117

The Ascent Childrens Health Services in North Little Rock Arkansas are dedicated to providing high-quality medical and mental health services for the residents of Arkansas and surrounding areas. This is a non-profit organization that works with the entire community especially those families who suffer from economic disadvantage. They work to provide affordable services and programs for all ages. This includes health care education community activities housing legal services and support groups for children and families. All of these services help children stay healthy by making sure that they have access to health care and have a strong educational base.

The Ascent Childrens Health Services in North Little Rock Arkansas is one of the most important and comprehensive child welfare agencies in the country. They strive to give children a chance at a better life and an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. They provide a variety of services for every age group including mental health services substance abuse treatment and family services. This agency helps families through counseling case management information on parenting skills and educational opportunities. They provide services to families in and around Fayetteville Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas and surrounding areas.

All children can receive the special attention that they need from the Ascent Childrens Health Services in North Little Rock Arkansas. The programs are designed to provide a child with mental physical and emotional health care while reducing or eliminating poverty among families in need of help. The organizations work with children who are victims of abuse neglect trauma and neglect. These children experience many different challenges from many different types of stressors which cause them to become ill. The staff at this agency works hard to bring these children to the services and resources that they need to live healthy and prosper. Families with children in need of care should visit their local Ascent Childrens Health Services program to find out more about the different services that are available to families.

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