Ascent Childrens Health Services - Trumann AR 72472

1005 Balcom Lane Trumann AR 72472

“Ascent” offers a variety of substance abuse treatment programs drug detox programs outpatient treatment programs and group homes in Trumann Arkansas. “Ascent” staff works closely with local state federal and private health care agencies to provide a quality level of service. “Ascent” staff works hard to ensure that each resident of the residential facility is receiving the best care possible and has access to the latest treatment options and information to maintain their recovery. The mission of “Ascent” is to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing comprehensive individual and family treatment options and services.

“Ascent” children’s health services is dedicated to providing treatment for children with a wide range of health problems. “Ascent” staff provides a safe healthy environment where residents can be comfortable and feel at home. “Ascent” staff is committed to the care of each resident by providing quality care and service. “Ascent” staff believes that children deserve the very best and strives to offer the very best in the treatment of children with a wide variety of physical and mental conditions. “Ascent” staff provides drug detoxification services in order to help children with drug problems to overcome their addictions and get back to a normal life.

“Ascent” children’s health services has received many awards from various community and national organizations. “Ascent” has received several awards from the Arkansas Family Therapy Association and the National Association of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism. “Ascent” has received the highest award from the State Board of Family and Children Services in Arkansas and several other awards from state and county government agencies. “Ascent” has received numerous awards and recognitions from various professional organizations such as the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry the American Psychological Association the National Council on Family Relations and the National Council of Family Therapy. In addition to awards “Ascent” staff receives a great deal of customer satisfaction and feedback. “Ascent” staff strives to make each resident feel comfortable and welcome at this fine family based treatment center in Trumann Arkansas and their staff strives to create a positive and nurturing environment in order to improve the lives of residents.

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