Ascent Childrens Health Services - West Memphis AR 72301

413 West Tyler Cove West Memphis AR 72301

“Ascent Childrens Health Services located at 411 West Tyler Cove in West Memphis Arkansas offers a range of substance abuse treatment programs to individuals and families across the state. Ascent is a private nonprofit organization that works with many different health care providers. This includes children’s hospitals substance abuse treatment centers nursing homes outpatient treatment facilities mental health agencies and other similar programs.

“Ascent is dedicated to providing the highest quality of health care for all of its clients. They strive to keep their clients and staff members committed to providing safe and effective treatment for their patients. They provide specialized one-on-one health care services for their patients with special attention to the needs of individuals who may be facing life challenges that have led to substance abuse problems or substance dependence. Through education assessment and intervention they work with their clients to help them deal with the effects of substance abuse and develop new ways of coping with the problem.”

The Ascent Childrens Health Services team consists of licensed clinical professionals that focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of children and adolescents with a wide range of issues. These include but are not limited to child and youth substance abuse ADHD/ADD depression and anxiety bipolar disorder OSA/OTSA and co-occurring conditions.

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