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Drug addiction treatment is a process of psychological or medical treatment for dependence on psychostimulants like amphetamines heroin and cocaine. The term “drug addiction” is sometimes used to refer to “behavioral addictions” including alcoholism cigarette smoking and eating disorders. However the definition of this disease is actually that of a chemical imbalance in the brain. This disorder affects individuals of all ages and is the most widely occurring mental disorder in the United States.

In general drug addiction treatment includes counseling psychotherapy medications detoxification and recovery therapy. There are different types of medications that can help people overcome their addictions to drugs. Medications such as Zoloft Paxil Effexor Xanax and Luvox can reduce the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug addiction. These medicines are used as adjunct treatments in combination with counseling and psychotherapy. There are also therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy that can help patients cope with the emotional social physical or psychological consequences of their addictions.

Patients may be admitted to a residential drug rehab facility or to an inpatient or outpatient basis depending on their needs. Patients in residential programs receive individual counseling by a professional psychologist and participate in group therapy. Inpatient programs in which patients stay in rehab for at least six months or more are less expensive and generally more effective than outpatient programs.

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