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Drug rehab is basically the treatment of psychological or physical dependency on addictive, psychoactive substances like alcohol, street drugs like cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, and prescription drugs like heroin and morphine. The process of drug rehab includes the intervention of an expert on the drug, a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s needs, a detoxification period to help the body adjust to the drug withdrawal, and other health services to address the physical effects of the drugs. If the addict does not want to return to his previous habit, the rehab center can help in counseling and educational training to reduce the chance of relapse. The treatment plan may also include therapy and individual counseling sessions for coping with the drug.

Drug rehab is a long term process. The rehabilitation program generally lasts from three to six months. Some treatment centers require extended treatment plans, as there are many drug addicts who suffer from severe mental illness or alcohol addiction. The duration of treatment depends upon the severity of the addiction and the effectiveness of the treatment plan. Treatment for these problems usually requires more intensive treatment than those for the less serious cases.

The drug rehab centers provide different types of therapy in order to address the different aspects of addiction. These include group therapy, individual counseling sessions, family therapy, and individual therapies. The programs in drug rehab are designed to address the psychological, physiological, and emotional aspects of the drug abuse. It helps the recovering addict to establish new routines and to improve relationships. It also provides education to the patient on how to use drugs safely and without causing any damage to themselves, family members or society.

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