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Drug addiction treatment is the process of psychological or medical treatment to overcome dependence on psychoactive substances like cocaine, alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, or cannabis. This process includes both psychological and physical rehabilitation to achieve the full recovery from the addiction. Psychologically, drug addiction treatment involves the efforts to break the vicious cycle of drug addiction by stopping the addiction cycle at an early stage. Physical rehabilitation aims at improving the physical and emotional health of an addict through the various methods of treatment, which include individual and group therapy, family therapy, support groups and community based rehabilitation.

Psychologically, drug addiction treatment includes the mental health therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and the psychological detoxification. Psychologically, it also includes the counselling, therapeutic group therapy and psychopharmacological interventions. Physically, the program includes medication, detoxification programs, physical rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation. As an addict, you will be required to undergo a series of treatments and rehabilitation. It also involves a change in lifestyle of an addict, including the use of medication and detoxification of drugs from the body.

The drug addiction treatment involves the help of various treatment centers. These include residential, outpatient, residential inpatient, rehab, and in-patient treatment center. The treatment center is chosen depending on the extent of the addiction and the severity of the addiction. Inpatient rehab is for the long term treatment or rehabilitation. Detoxification of drugs from the body is done in the in-patient rehabs. Residential rehabilitation is usually for the short-term rehabilitation or treatment in residential rehab centers.

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