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Many drug rehab and drug abuse treatment centers help individuals recover from drug addiction. A number of these programs offer a variety of services, ranging from detoxification after detox, to individual counseling and aftercare, and many other types of programs and treatments. These services vary widely from drug rehab centers to drug abuse treatment centers, and from residential rehabilitation to residential treatment programs. This article focuses on outpatient drug rehab and treatment.

Most drug rehab centers and treatment centers allow their clients to come and go as they please, allowing them to go to treatment whenever they have time. Some treatment centers do require their clients to have some sort of medical insurance. However, most of these centers do not require clients to have medical insurance or require that their clients pay any fees up front for the services they receive. Other centers do require their clients to pay for a percentage of the treatment they receive. The cost of each program varies depending on the center and on the type of program offered. Many centers offer programs in outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment, depending on what type of treatment is needed by the individual.

Many outpatient treatment programs allow patients to leave their treatment center after completing a certain amount of time at the program. Most residential treatment programs allow patients to leave for short periods of time but are only able to leave if they are ready. Most residential rehabs also have a waiting list, so patients who are unable to leave can wait until their next availability to enter treatment. Some treatment centers offer both an inpatient and outpatient program. A number of residential rehabs offer day treatment and inpatient day treatment. Many rehabilitation programs are gender specific. For example, some facilities offer drug abuse and alcohol treatment for females only.

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