BCD Hoover Treatment Center - Little Rock AR 72202

3604 West 12th Street Little Rock AR 72202

If you suffer from chronic back pain and you are not able to drive then you may want to consider visiting the BCD Hoover Treatment Center in Little Rock Arkansas. Located just a short distance from the Little Rock airport this treatment center has been in business since 1958 and is run by Dr. Robert H. Clark and Dr. Edward J. Whitley. These doctors have been helping people with back problems for many years and have developed a great program that helps the client overcome their back problem.

The treatment center offers many programs that can help you get rid of your back pain. One of these programs is called the Prosthetic Laparoscopic Technique or PLT. This treatment involves the use of laparoscopic equipment that allows the doctor to create a pocket in the back of the patient’s body that the patient will be able to get out of their body when they are ready to have their back operated on. This is a great option because it is one of the most effective treatments that the doctor offers and it also is less expensive than other methods of treatment.

Another form of treatment offered at the BCD Hoover Treatment Center in Little Rock Arkansas is the Postero Hypertrophy. This type of procedure is known as a ‘hybrid’ procedure because it uses both the laparoscopic and the surgical techniques. A surgeon will use a laser light to burn a hole in the patient’s skin to make them bleed. This blood will then travel up into the incisions made in the body of the patient. Once the blood has traveled through the body it will break down and cause the muscles in the body to become weaker which will help the patient to heal faster and stay healthy longer. This is a great option if you suffer from chronic back pain.

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