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Behavioral Health Services at the Excel Group in Glendale AZ are designed to treat all types of behavioral problems ranging from behavioral disorders like OCD, bipolar disorder, ODD and Asperger’s to behavioral addictions like alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. The program is a multi-disciplinary approach to mental health treatment that offers a comprehensive approach to behavioral health care, including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and inpatient care. Each individual who comes into the Behavioral Health Services program is evaluated according to their specific needs and wants to determine if they are an ideal candidate for treatment. If you or someone you know needs behavioral treatment, you should consider visiting the program on at least one of the days during the month when the Glendale facility is open. You can visit the center’s website or contact the Behavioral Health Services team at any of their offices around the country.

When choosing behavioral health treatment at the Excel Group in Glendale AZ, be sure to visit both their Glendale clinic as well as the Phoenix facility. Both clinics have well trained staff that can provide effective treatments to the patients with various behavioral problems. They use a variety of techniques such as group therapy, psychopharmacology and cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients at the Glendale facility are not only treated in an outpatient environment, but they are also provided individual therapy in order to determine which particular treatment will best suit the patient.

When choosing behavioral health services at the Excel Group in Glendale AZ, be sure to choose a program that offers a full range of services. This means, not only will you find treatment for your specific needs, but also counseling, socialization, life skills training and other specialized programs. Each program at the Glendale facility also provides one on one treatment with a trained therapist. Many of the behavioral health treatments offered at the Glendale facility include medication-assisted therapy, group psychotherapy and one on one therapy sessions. These therapies will help you cope with your issues in a more healthy way and increase your chances for success with your mental health condition. So, visit the program on at least one of the days during the month when the Glendale facility is open so you can find out if it is a program that will fit you and your family.

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