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The best way to understand Southwest Airlines Co. is by observing behavioral systems. The behaviors that make up this corporation are all unique and different. Some examples of behavioral patterns would include: The Southwest Airlines’ “Welcoming Team,” “Performance Teams” and their “Customer Teams,” as well as the Southwest Airlines’ “Flight Team.” All of these systems create a culture where everyone knows the difference between good and bad behavior and everyone has the chance to try their best.

These behavioral patterns and systems have been practiced by Southwest’s customers since they started flying. One of the behaviors, called “the Welcoming Team” involves offering a pat-on-the-back and an actual warm-up flight to an area in which they serve, as well as a meal, and a drink. When a customer performs a certain action, for example, when they make it a point to call Southwest Airlines at least one time a day, Southwest Airlines will reward them with a gift card and an additional mile bonus. All of this is done because they are doing something right by helping Southwest Airlines. The next time you fly Southwest, please follow this tradition and reward the customers who have been helpful.

Customer behavior is an important part of Southwest’s culture, and if you think about it, Southwest Airlines has made a great effort to get the most out of every customer. This includes showing their gratitude to all of their customers, providing a place to meet customers, and showing a lot of enthusiasm for their customers. Southwest Airlines is constantly looking for ways to make their customers feel appreciated and valued. They make a real effort to show their appreciation and to treat their customers justly. In the process, they become a better airline because they have built a strong customer base. Southwest Airlines is also committed to customer service and they give their employees lots of opportunity to learn. They offer training in areas such as customer service, how to handle difficult customers, customer relations, and marketing, as well as employee discounts on travel tickets and other merchandise.

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