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Drug addiction treatment is a long-term process that involves treatment of the brain to avoid future drug use. Drug rehabilitation is basically the treatment of psychiatric or medical dependence on psychoactive drugs like alcohol prescription medicines and illegal drugs like cannabis methamphetamine cocaine or heroin. This is often coupled with counseling to cope with withdrawal symptoms caused by the drug use.

In a drug rehabilitation the goal of the treatment is to recover from the dependence on drugs through therapy. The person in treatment must be determined as an individual because his or her needs may vary from person to person. After treatment the patient will need ongoing support in order to stay sober and gain control over his or her life. Many rehabilitation centers offer counseling services to their patients and these services can be individualized according to individual needs of each patient.

The treatments available include various types of inpatient and outpatient therapies. Outpatient therapy deals with various aspects of the drug recovery process including medical and psychological aspects of the treatment. It also includes group counseling. The inpatient therapy consists of the patient undergoing therapy sessions at a rehab center. These are usually weekly or bi-weekly in length and may last anywhere from one to four weeks. Afterward the patients will go back to their homes.

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