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Drug rehab is a process of psychiatric or medical therapy for dependency upon psychoactive substances including alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal street drugs like heroin, cocaine, amphetamines or marijuana. Most people who undergo drug rehabilitation end up with a clean slate in terms of their personal and professional lives. However, there are some individuals who end up becoming repeat offenders and are thus kept in the same institution for several years.

Alcohol addiction is often a precursor to substance abuse. Therefore, many drug rehabilitation centers deal specifically with substance abusers, those who are dependent on alcohol and other illegal substances like marijuana. Alcohol and drug rehabs focus mainly on treating the physical symptoms of withdrawal while helping patients gain psychological control over their cravings. The treatment centers for alcohol and drug addiction are designed to help the patients maintain sobriety by giving them the tools they need to reduce their alcohol consumption to a level where it is not physically possible for them to function normally in society. These rehabs also provide psychological support to the patients as they go through treatment and help them overcome the problems that accompany substance abuse.

Rehabilitation centers are a very important part of the health care system. If a person has suffered a serious and debilitating trauma or illness, he may require long term treatment to get him back to good health and function at a high level in society. A patient with severe mental illness may require long term treatment in order to stabilize his mind and enable him to function in a socially and medically independent way. Even though there are many drug rehab facilities all over the country, it is important to research well before deciding on a drug rehab center.

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Drug rehab is the process of psychotherapeutical or medical treatment of an individual for depend...
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