Blair- Mark A Md PC - Phoenix AZ 85019

6536 N 41st Ave. Phoenix AZ 85019
(602) 826-2553(602) 826-2553

“Blair-Mark A MD PC in Phoenix AZ provides comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse problems. In addition, it offers drug detox programs. This is an accredited addiction clinic which has been accredited by several accreditation bodies like The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) and NAADD.” “As a certified treatment center, Blair-Mark A MD PC provides services that address the needs of alcohol and drug users with special emphasis on the mental, emotional, physical and social aspects of substance abuse disorders. Our treatment program helps you change your life and take control over the effects of substance abuse on your body, mind and spirit. We are a specialty treatment center, dedicated to providing expert, compassionate, innovative, high-quality treatment, along with a safe, supportive, confidential environment.”

“The Center offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs for people with various types of addictions such as alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each individual and are highly specialized to address each individual’s unique needs and concerns. All of our treatment programs are focused on the individual’s well-being and the ability to live the life that they deserve.”

“Blair-Mark A MD PC is accredited to provide substance abuse treatment for individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and those who are not yet addicted, as well as individuals who are at risk of becoming addicted.” “This treatment program is a highly skilled and comprehensive facility. We strive to provide patients with an environment that encourages recovery while maintaining a safe, drug and alcohol free environment for all members of the program.”

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