Bost Foundation Inc Fort Smith AR 72903

1801 S 74th St Fort Smith AR 72903

The Bost Foundation Inc. a non-profit organization in Fort Smith Arkansas is the only organization to have become licensed as an alcohol rehabilitation center. The Center has received national recognition from many health organizations and government agencies. The center provides a comprehensive program designed to help individuals overcome the negative effects of alcohol and drug addiction. The Center provides a 24-hour residential treatment facility for people with all types of addictions including substance abuse and alcohol dependence. The staff members are highly trained and well qualified to treat patients and provide compassionate professional service to their patients.

The center offers services to men and women of all ages ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. The center offers treatment programs for alcoholics and drug abusers. The treatment programs for drug rehabilitation involve residential outpatient and day/night programs. The residential treatment is designed for long-term stay to enable clients to overcome the negative effects of their addiction to alcohol and drugs while also receiving counseling and group therapy. The residential treatment for alcohol addiction involves detoxification and medical detox. The treatment program for drug dependency involves individual and group counseling. The center provides medical detox services that are customized according to the needs of each client.

The center has its own board of directors to oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility and ensure that all aspects of the program are successful. The board is responsible for approving the programs and treatment procedures of the center which includes training and supervision of staff members. The center provides one on one and group counseling to its residents. The center also provides treatment to families and provides education about the program. The center has four hospitals that offer treatment for alcoholics and drug abusers. The facilities offer emergency care and are designed for quick response.

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