Bradford Health Services - A Reprieve for Men - Opelika AL 36801

401 S 9th St Opelika AL 36801

Bradford Health Services is a privately owned nonprofit non-governmental organization that provides medical and psychiatric services to those living in the rural area of Alabama. They work with both in-home and out-patient care. Their mission is to offer quality health care services to those who need them most. While they do their best to provide the best possible care to those who need it they are not a government agency and they do not get their funding through the government. Instead they rely heavily on volunteers and donations to operate their business.

Bradford Health Services provides a variety of medical care for those in the community such as mental health services drug treatment and addiction treatment geriatric services rehabilitation and outpatient care. They also offer substance abuse assistance for men. They treat a wide range of mental disorders and offer support groups and therapy. They also provide assistance with housing needs including assisted living supportive services such as senior citizen care and in-home services for people who are experiencing life transitions. They also help men who may have been victims of domestic violence or sexual assault to gain a sense of self-worth and get the counseling and assistance they need to move forward. They are also advocates for the men who need them and work toward helping them succeed in their own lives.

If you are living in the Sober Living program you will likely live with an elder on Transistional housing. Many seniors live on Transistional Housing because they can get the care and services they need from a licensed staff member. This is not a free service for the seniors. The board will pay you on a sliding scale basis for the services provided. Most board members work on a part-time basis and receive partial compensation from the government. Transistional Housing residents are responsible for their own utilities.

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