Cahaba Center-Mental Health - Camden AL 36726

45 Camden Bypass, Camden, AL 36726

The Cahaba Center-Mental Health has one of the strongest communities of mental health professionals in the region. The center is located in the heart of North Dallas in Dallas, Texas and has been serving the residents of Dallas for many years. The Center was established in 1977 and has an excellent staff with many years of experience in mental health and related areas. There are many benefits to staying at this facility; one of which is the wide range of services available. All residents are evaluated and screened to ensure that they have the mental health problems that are unique to their individual situations. A personalized treatment plan is designed and followed in order to give each resident the best possible chance of getting better and living a productive life.

Many of the community services offered by this facility are also designed for the benefit of residents. In addition to offering many outpatient treatments, this facility also offers a number of specialty clinics. All residents are given a personal nurse that can visit their homes or work in the office on an ongoing basis. A counselor or social worker who works with children and families also visits on an ongoing basis. This allows residents to get medical attention when they need it as well as getting counseling. There are a number of recreational programs offered as well, including yoga classes, dance classes, and sports clinics. There is also a center where residents stay while attending treatment.

The Center-Mental Health is one of the top facilities to receive treatment for a variety of mental health issues including anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, phobias, and other addictions. The staff at this facility treats everyone with the same respect as those receiving inpatient care. The staff takes the time to make each patient feel comfortable and at ease. These services can help residents get back to living productive lives, no matter what the diagnosis may be.

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The Cahaba Center for Mental Health and Development offers a comprehensive approach to mental ill...
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