Cahaba Center-Mental Health - Selma AL 36701

417 Medical Center Pkwy, Selma, AL 36701

The Cahaba Center-Mental Health Center is a facility that is located in Chicago, Illinois. This facility is affiliated with the University of Chicago, and it serves children, families, and other patients who need help. A staff of psychiatrists and psychologists works in this facility to provide the best care and services for all the people who come into the facility. The professionals who work here are certified and trained to provide the best mental health care for all of the people who enter this facility.

The staff at the Cahaba Center-Mental Health Center offers a variety of different services to their patients. These services include but are not limited to; medical and mental healthcare, treatment of alcohol and drug dependency, counseling, and other forms of group therapy and counseling. All of the staff members who work at the Center have a great deal of compassion for all of the patients that come through the doors. They are committed to treating their patients as if they were a part of their family and are able to make each patient feel comfortable and confident that he or she will be treated fairly. This means that they understand all aspects of the lives of the individuals that come into the facility, and they know how to provide them with the best possible care.

The Cahaba Center has many different types of programs available for the people who are looking for mental health care and treatment. One of the programs offered through this facility includes, “Hardship Assistance Programs” (HAPs). This type of program helps to give you an idea of what it is you can expect from the care that you receive at the Cahaba Center-Mental Health Center. This program will give you a lot of information about the types of needs that people have and the level of care that they need. The HAPs also help to provide information about your rights in regards to the care and treatment that you receive.

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Founded in 1973 by Dr. William W. Riker, a psychiatrist from New York City, Cahaba center for men...
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