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Capitol Care South has many programs to fit every person’s needs, regardless of the stage they are in their recovery. Whether you have just been released from prison or you are a lifelong recovering alcoholic, the staff at Capitol is there to help you achieve a life of freedom and independence. Capital Care Southeast offers comprehensive behavioral health services. Daycare Centers Capitol Care Southeast offers day care services for children and adults who need special treatment and assistance.\n\n \n\nOur Daycare Centers offers several programs for children and teens that have been in prison for an extended period of time. We offer a Daycare Program for children who have just recently returned from prison. You will learn how to take care of your child while maintaining their emotional well-being through individual therapy sessions and family counseling. We also offer a Daycare program for the teenagers who are in their teenage years and are seeking adult treatment to deal with their problems.\n\n \n\nOur Daycare Centers is staffed by trained and licensed psychologists and registered nurses. All children are given individualized care and are encouraged to be active members of the daycare community, with a variety of activities designed to improve their lives. Each child is given the opportunity to participate in many different activities. Many children enjoy playing board games, learning about colors, working on puzzles, playing board games, or just having fun with each other. Our Daycare Programs is designed to enhance your child’s skills, develop social skills, and improve their ability to cope with stress. Our programs are made for all ages and all lifestyles.

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