Catholic Social Service - East Valley Office- Pregnancy Parent-g & Adop - Scottsdale AZ 85258

8129 North 87th Place Scottsdale AZ 85258
(480) 946-1610(480) 946-1610

The Catholic Social Service-East Valley office is one of the largest social service agencies in the U.S. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the people of the community and the world by providing resources, information, and programs. We are committed to helping everyone that we serve have a strong sense of self-worth, dignity, and belonging. We work with families, individuals, the disabled, and the economically disadvantaged in order to provide the tools and resources that will help them attain their goals and contribute positively to their communities.

Our vision is to build a world where there are no barriers to family reunions or community development. We believe that there are two ways of being human. There is the personal way in which we all find ourselves and there is the communal way in which we belong to one another. We recognize that human beings need to find their own way and that families and communities are the only ones that can provide that opportunity for people. The Catholic Church, along with other denominations, strives to be a catalyst for this transformation of our world by offering our love, hope, and support to those who need it most.

Through a variety of programs, we work with those who have families of different ages and in different circumstances. Some of our programs focus on single parents or those who have young children. Some programs work with low income families. Each program is designed to help families and individuals overcome obstacles and build an education, housing, and economic security. Our programs are funded by private donations, government grants, and by federal and state funds provided by many of the participating agencies.

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