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Drug rehabilitation and detoxification are a health care field that seeks to cure people from drug abuse. Drug treatment centers help people overcome substance abuse through various means such as medication, counseling, therapy, and group sessions. Today there are several different kinds of drug rehabilitation centers. Some provide a holistic approach to treating drug addicts, whereas other prefer to focus on only certain drugs or medications. Some even give special attention to people suffering from psychological problems related to drug abuse. The different kinds of centers are focused on specific kind of drug abuse.

The most common type of drug rehabilitation is known as residential rehab. In this kind of treatment, an individual stays at a rehabilitation center for a period of time, usually between a few months to one year. Most people who undergo this kind of treatment are those who have been arrested for drug abuse and alcohol abuse. The residential rehabilitation centers also include detoxification centers, group therapy sessions, aftercare services and medical care facilities. These centers help an individual get back on track with their daily activities. This kind of treatment makes the person able to function well in society again. However, a patient may not be totally cured of his problem in a residential treatment center; rather, they will be well on their way to being rid of their drug use disorder.

Outpatient rehab is another form of drug rehabilitation that an addict undergoes. In this kind of treatment, an individual comes in for treatment to be treated for his specific addiction. Drug rehab centers offer detoxification and aftercare services to their patients. During an outpatient rehab treatment, an individual will be exposed to an environment that is sober and drug free. It is important that the patient should remain clean and drug free to achieve success during the treatment process. However, the rehabilitation center must be able to meet the needs of every patient. All patients are given individualized treatment programs for the best results.

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