Child Adolescent Partners - Birmingham AL 35242

4898 Valleydale Rd # A1, Birmingham, AL 35242

Child Adolescent Partnerships (C.A.P.) is an international group that is committed to helping families to deal with the problems caused by troubled relationships between children and their adolescent peers, and in the process to promote a healthier and more stable family unit.

Children and adolescents are usually caught in these relationships as soon as they enter their teenage years, which means that the problems run deep into their adulthood, too. They often go on to form abusive relationships that have lasting consequences, and their social lives are affected by their behavior and relationships with their peers. This is the cause of a number of issues, including depression and anxiety, drug abuse, and violent tendencies. The problem is further complicated by parents who try to resolve the conflicts themselves, but usually fail because of the difficulties associated with this type of parenting and relationship.

Child and adolescent relationship problems can sometimes be resolved, but there are many issues to take into consideration. These include the way that one parent is acting towards the other, which is known as “spousal abuse”. There is also the problem of whether or not to use counseling for the child and the family. Some children may need to have their emotional development encouraged, and others may need help dealing with their emotional problems. Counseling can provide valuable tools and information that will help them and their families to work out these difficult situations.


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