Children’s Psychiatric Intake Response Center - Birmingham AL 35233

1601 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

A Childrens Psychiatric Intake Response Center, or CPIR, is an inpatient facility that caters to children’s mental health and well-being. It is designed for children ages six months and older and serves children and families from all backgrounds including ethnic groups. There are approximately twenty-five beds that are reserved for children, and the center has three onsite clinics that can accommodate a wide range of medical needs for the children. The clinic is staffed with licensed nurses and doctors who specialize in child psychiatric care.

Children are placed in the center when they exhibit symptoms of mental health or behavioral challenges. The children may be referred by their pediatrician or through the Department of Social Services. The staff at the center works with the children to identify the underlying causes of their difficulties and develop a plan of action. Children are placed into different programs including therapeutic intervention and individualized programs. These programs help children deal with behavioral issues such as emotional difficulties, depression, anxiety, and other physical ailments. Inpatient programs include a number of group programs. Family therapy is available for children and parents.

The staff at the Childrens Psychiatric Intake Response Center is committed to helping children and families recover and become healthy and happy individuals. The staff works with the children to identify the causes of their problems and develop a plan of action to address those problems. The staff works with the parents to provide effective parenting skills and methods. Programs offered at the center include therapeutic assistance in dealing with daily living skills, nutritional services, and support groups for families in need.

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