Christ for the World The Bridge - Fort Smith AR 72904

4401 North Windsor Drive Fort Smith AR 72904

“Christ for the world’s sake” is a famous quote by a famous Christian pastor. A famous Christian pastor from Fort Smith AR is Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Dr. Deming was born into the Church of Christ in Japan. He became a Japanese Christian while he was still a young man and later became a leader in his own church. He was one of the first Asian Christians to attend Christ Church a denomination founded in the United States in 1855. As an educator he was one of the first people to bring the West and East together through education.

Dr. Deming was born into poverty and he came to Christ as a result of his poverty. His desire to become rich was part of his spiritual awakening. He wanted to build the perfect society and was inspired to do so by God. It was in his quest to help others that he discovered that it was possible to live a life of complete poverty and not have the need to acquire wealth.

There is hope for everyone if they will follow Christ and follow His teachings. We are all given a chance to be a blessing to someone else and become wealthy. This is true for everyone who is truly sincere about it. God has promised to help us all find our true purpose in life if we will follow Him. Our true purpose is in receiving His blessings from Him. We are not the owners of the gifts we have received from God. We are blessed to be part of the gift of God and we are entitled to His abundance in our lives.

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