Coll-s Carol LCSW - Yuma AZ 85365

690 East 32nd Street Yuma AZ 85365
(928) 341-9400(928) 341-9400

As an independent, licensed and insured therapist and social worker who work in the area of mental health and addiction and drug treatment, Collins Carol LCSW in Yuma AZ is accredited and regulated by the Arizona Commission for Licensed Practical Nurses. The state of Arizona requires mental health and substance abuse counselors to undergo a rigorous education and training program that include a certification test as well as a continuing education program.

A mental health counselor and social worker must also undergo a background investigation by a licensed medical doctor and a mental health consultant. These investigations are performed to make sure the applicant meets all the requirements set by the state. In the event that any applicant is found to be unsuitable for employment, then the state will investigate the applicant again. During this time the applicant is allowed to withdraw from the program if they wish to do so.

The Collins Carol LCSW in Yuma AZ is a highly specialized organization that has been serving the community in Arizona for many years. The staff consists of registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), certified nurse assistants (CNA) and certified substance abuse counselors (CSAC). All of these staff members are members of this accredited professional organization. The staff of this organization consists of individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and professional backgrounds. These staff members are dedicated to providing quality care to those they work with in the community and are committed to making sure their patients receive the highest level of medical care available to them.

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