Community Bridges -c Al Long Residential Program - Coolidge AZ 85128

2800 North Highway 87 Coolidge AZ 85128

The Community Bridges Inc. is an Arizona non-profit corporation that focuses on rehabilitation, development, and employment of individuals with physical disabilities. It operates from a location that includes the main office and one of its programs, the Community Bridges Inc Al Long Residential Program in Coolidge AZ. This program offers residential living for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. These residents are assisted with the necessary equipment for their homes, education for themselves and their loved ones, and social services. The program offers a variety of services to people with special needs such as vocational training, computer training, and personal education programs to assist in living independently.

The Community Bridges Inc Al Long Residential Program offers residents with developmental disabilities a chance to live in their own homes as well as have access to their community activities. Residents are provided with the necessary equipment such as ramps, walk-in tubs, and showers. Some residents receive medical care while others are not treated. These residents have the option of staying in an assisted living facility or staying at the community residential facility. They also have the option of continuing to live in their homes if they wish to do so. They can also go back to the residential facility after their program is completed as long as they choose.

Residents also participate in group activities. The program provides these activities with the assistance of staff members who work closely with the residents. Activities include physical exercise, counseling, recreational, and leadership activities. These activities are designed to encourage a sense of accomplishment, help with social skills development, and enhance self-esteem among residents with developmental disabilities. The program also provides support groups and a number of recreation activities for residents to participate in as well as other services to ensure the success of the program.


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