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Community Bridges, Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to provide healthcare for the needy. They are one of the few Arizona medical institutions that are not located in Phoenix, Glendale or Scottsdale. It has its office located in the Casa Grande Outpatient Center in Tucson, Arizona. The Casa Grande Outpatient Center is located in the Casa Grande Plaza Mall, which is also known as the Tucson Convention Center Mall. There are two buildings, one that houses the Medical Director and the other one is called the Intensive Care Unit. Community Bridges in Tucson Arizona offers both general and psychiatric care.

Community Bridges provides its patients with compassionate care and attention, offering individual, family and group services. They offer individual, family and group therapy sessions, as well as group and family counseling. The therapy sessions for the patients at Community Bridges Inc. are conducted in a warm, social and relaxing environment. The patients of Community Bridges Inc. receive the same type of treatment programs that are offered by psychiatrists in a mental health care facility. These programs include counseling, therapeutic skills development, psychotherapy, medication treatment and family treatment programs. Counseling is available to patients suffering from mental illness such as schizophrenia, depression and post traumatic stress disorders, and is specifically designed to address the needs of the patient and their family members. The therapists at Community Bridges Inc. will help the patient by helping them identify their problems, develop an appropriate treatment plan and educate the patient on the benefits of a holistic approach.

The treatment program of the Casa Grande Outpatient Center is a combination of medication therapy and other types of therapy. Counseling sessions include individual, family and group counseling, and are designed to provide patients with the tools they need to overcome and manage their specific conditions. Family therapy is also offered to family members of patients, as well as groups for patients. The counselors at Community Bridges Inc. teach patients how to cope with their mental illnesses, and to maintain a positive outlook towards life.

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