Community Medical Services-Yuma - Yuma AZ 85364

501 W 8th St Yuma Arizona 85364

Community Medical Services-Yuma Arizona is the leading provider of outpatient substance abuse treatment in the state of Arizona. “When you think about community treatment the first thing that comes to mind is your neighborhood drug rehab or group therapy center” said Community Medical’s CEO and President Larry R. Gee. “These centers have helped countless people get clean from their addictions while we’ve remained true to our mission to deliver compassionate care access to high quality medication-assisted therapy and a warm personal and patient atmosphere. We are still committed to these practices but have made a major commitment to provide care for those with substance use disorders outside of our facilities. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to every patient in every setting so the whole family can benefit.”

“Family-based care provides a more holistic approach to addiction treatment than individual treatment but doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness and results” said Community Medical’s Senior Vice President Thomas Tompkins. “It also helps patients avoid relapses and return to recovery on their own with the help of supportive family members. Our Family-Based treatment programs are designed around the principles of care and dignity.” These programs are designed around an integrative system of care that incorporates behavioral therapies medication-assisted therapy therapeutic support family-centered home care and a highly skilled support team.

Addiction is a disease and there is no single treatment or cure. Treatment will vary according to the severity of the disease the physical and emotional makeup of the person his family his environment the person’s willingness to change and other factors. Community Medical Services-Yuma believes that by treating all these variables and providing the best possible care we will help to make people healthier more active and less likely to be a part of an addiction cycle. “Through our comprehensive approach we will empower the family members of addicted individuals to play a more important role in their loved one’s recovery” said Mr. Gee. “Through community-based care patients are offered the most effective treatment for their specific needs.

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