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Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare (CPih) is an outpatient drug addiction & rehabilitation treatment facility located in Phoenix Arizona. The mission of Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare is to provide excellence in medication-based and specialty therapy. Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare provides private insurance for eligible patients. In order to receive this service you will need to be enrolled in a drug treatment program with a doctor who is a member of the organization. Community Partnership Integrative Healthcare works with several drug treatment centers that are affiliated with Phoenix Drug Court and is one of the largest drug treatment facilities in Arizona. It has helped to reduce the number of drug related deaths in Arizona and it is dedicated to reducing the number of people addicted to drugs.

Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare was established in 2020 by former Phoenix resident and state Senator Johnathan Kolb. It is committed to transforming the lives of those struggling with substance abuse. The goal of this facility is to create a safe and secure environment so the individual can receive the appropriate medical attention for their addiction and the proper treatment that will help them return to the community. The services offered at Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare are designed to help individuals in recovering from substance abuse while maintaining a positive lifestyle. These services will include a complete detoxification process as well as an individualized outpatient treatment plan that will focus on providing individualized care and counseling. The primary goals of the treatment plan at Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare are to stabilize the individual’s health and to offer support for the individual’s recovery.

All those who have been convicted of drug possession are eligible to enroll in the Phoenix drug court and receive treatment in a community-based drug treatment center. If you have been convicted of drug possession in the past you may not be able to use the drug court and will need to participate in the outpatient treatment option. All persons who are eligible for outpatient treatment at Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare are evaluated to determine their needs their severity of their condition and their ability to afford the drug treatment program. There are many treatment options available at the center such as individual counseling group therapy social skills training and medical detoxification. As part of the health and wellness plan each patient is provided individual medical treatment for their substance abuse alcohol or drug dependency. This center is staffed by qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about substance abuse and addiction. Community Partnership Integrated Healthcare staff members are committed to helping those who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol find the help they need.

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