Counseling Associates Inc Russellville - Russellville AR 72801

110 Skyline Drive Russellville AR 72801

Counseling Associates Inc is a large corporation that has been in operation for over sixty years. The company is located in Russellville AR. The company offers both in-house and out-sourced counseling services. The in-house counseling programs consist of individual counseling marriage counseling parenting education and drug and alcohol counseling. Out-sourced counseling programs consist of domestic violence family therapy and substance abuse counseling. These programs are designed to meet the needs of all types of clients and they are all accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARAS).

The Counseling Associates Inc. is accredited to provide counseling in both residential and out-sourced settings. The in-house program consists of individual and group counseling. Counseling in group settings is available to individuals organizations and groups that have special needs. Counseling in individual settings is for the general public. Counseling in residential settings is designed for individuals who do not live alone or who have other family members in their life. Counseling in residential settings is for people who live alone or have other relatives living with them. All of these programs are accredited by CARAS and they all have an approval from the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

The company requires that a high school diploma is obtained in order to enroll in any of their programs. This is to ensure that the counselors are fully qualified to offer personalized counseling. The counselors are required to meet minimum standards of knowledge and experience. They must also meet state minimum requirements for their licensing and they are required to complete continuing education courses. In addition the counselors are required to undergo ethics and professionalism certification training. This certification will ensure that their knowledge of personal counseling is up to date and they are properly trained in providing counseling services. Counselors at Counseling Associates Inc will also be required to be licensed counselors and they will all be fully bonded.

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