Covenant Alliance Rehabilitation - Phoenix AZ 85012

3839 North 3rd Street Phoenix AZ 85012
(480) 222-0564(480) 222-0564

About Covenant Alliance Rehab in Phoenix AZ. Covenant Alliance is one of the leading Rehabilitation Centers in Phoenix, AZ. They are located at 3839 North 3rd Street, Phoenix AZ 85021 as shown on their website (please Note that the website is correct to within approximately 500 feet). It can take up to two years to get out of Covenant’s program so it is recommended that you begin early to help you get the best possible outcome. This center has one of the most effective programs for alcohol treatment and they offer classes in group therapy and individual counseling. If you or someone you know needs a sober place to go when they feel weak or depressed about a problem, this could be just what you need.

Covenant Alliance Rehab in Phoenix AZ is not a short-term treatment program. The goal of Covenant’s rehab program is to help individuals develop a life-long commitment to sobriety through education, training and community involvement. They also have classes in the subjects of relapse prevention, life skills, family therapy, alcohol addiction, and nutrition. If you or someone you know needs help getting into an alcohol treatment program in Phoenix AZ, please visit their website.

Covenant is committed to the success of every person that comes through their doors. We have counselors on staff that are trained in addiction and alcoholism treatment. Our program is designed to help those who want to get clean and stay clean.

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