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Craig Shell’s The New Solution is a very effective marketing strategy which has been used by top companies such as Nestle Nike and Adidas as well as many more. This article will provide you with an overview of how Craig Shell’s business model works why his system works and what it can offer to other companies.

The first part of this system is a simple to follow step by step process that allows you to produce an e-book or sales letter in under an hour. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML or any type of programming skills in order to create an amazing sounding sales letter that will appeal to your customers. You can create the sales letter from scratch or build on top of someone else’s work. Either way the point is that you have a product or service which will make a great impression on potential customers that they will purchase and this impression will last longer if they are made from the heart rather than a cold sales pitch.

When creating your The New Solution marketing plan you are encouraged to create a simple yet powerful sales letter that will attract potential buyers. Once you have your sales letter ready to go it is recommended you include three to four bullet points which contain the main benefits and features of your product. You may also include a few testimonials from satisfied customers which should reinforce the benefits and credibility of your product. Finally you should include a closing statement which shows that your product is something you believe in and is something your company is capable of producing in the near future.

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