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Drug addiction treatment is basically the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for dependence on psychoactive drugs like alcohol, heroin, or street drugs like cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamines or amphetamines. This problem affects individuals in all walks of life including family members, friends, colleagues, employers, students and health care workers. Individuals who are addicted to drugs often use substances for comfort, for pleasure, to numb the pain or for some kind of social support or to numb the stress. Addicted persons often do so even if they know the risk of physical or psychological harm that they can be exposed to by using drugs.

Most treatments for addicts focus on identifying and eliminating the addiction itself. In this process, addicts are confronted with their own behaviors and experiences that lead them to be dependent on drugs. There are various programs that are available that enable the patient to face these things and come out of the addiction. The rehabilitation program helps the patient cope with the problems that they have come across during the recovery period. The drug addiction treatment center has specialists that are qualified in different areas of treatment including medication therapy and in group therapy sessions.

The programs and treatment at drug addiction treatment centers include drug detoxification, inpatient and outpatient care, group and individual therapy. A program is usually structured as a group where the patients can interact with other people who have had similar experiences with the same addiction. The group discussion is one of the main functions of the treatment program. Drug rehab programs help in developing the skills of recovering addicts by teaching them new coping techniques, behavioral modification and self-help techniques.

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