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Cunningham Renee MA MFT in Phoenix Arizona is one of the best and most well-known mental health professionals and mental health specialists in the entire state. Renee herself has been working with people for many years in her career, and as a result she is a very familiar name to anyone who has suffered from any mental health disorder or condition. She has also worked in outpatient mental health care units, hospitals and treatment centers for many years. She started her own mental health practice in 1994. Today, it is one of the leading mental health practices in the world and has an extremely high staff ratio. Renee is committed to helping her patients through their treatment and their recovery.

Renee herself had experienced many different types of problems in her life, ranging from depression to bipolar disorder, and even multiple personality disorder. When she was a young adult, she lost her mother to breast cancer, and her sister to alcoholism and drugs. After her mother died, she developed a deep fear that she would never get to see her mom again. Renee felt that she was destined to be a dead woman walking. In spite of all her fears, however, Renee persevered and continued to pursue a normal life, but she still always had a sense of anxiety about facing other people. After her mother died, however, Renee started experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety attacks and became completely dependent on medication to deal with her anxiety.

When Renee turned to a mental health professional for help, she discovered that she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is a condition that results when a person is exposed to a traumatic event that resulted in fear and/or intense fear of another attack occurring. She also learned that there were several different levels of PTSD, and that some people actually had no symptoms at all. After her doctor diagnosed Renee, he recommended that she work with an individual who specializes in treating anxiety disorders in order to determine the extent of her anxiety and to determine what sort of treatments will work best for her. Renee found that she could benefit greatly from cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps a person deal with negative thoughts and fears by replacing them with more positive ones. This is a powerful way to treat anxiety, and Renee was very pleased with the results she experienced after seeing her doctor.

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