Dauphin Way Lodge - Mobile AL 36604

1009 Dauphin Street Mobile AL 36604

The Dauphin Way Lodge is located on the outskirts of downtown Mobile, Alabama. This facility serves as a residential and spiritual retreat center for the people who are recovering from addiction. It is known as a spiritual, healing and drug rehabilitation treatment center. Addiction Treatment centers have been established in this area because of the increasing number of drug addicts and alcoholics coming into the city every year.\n\n \n\nThe Dauphin Way Lodge is one of the premier Addiction Treatment Center in the United States. Addiction Treatment Centers have been established to help alcoholics and addicts get back to their normal lives. Many times, they are able to successfully do so by taking them to one of the facilities like The Dauphin Way Lodge where they can get proper counseling services. Addiction Treatment centers provide a complete treatment and care to their patients so that they are able to live a better life. They will help you go through detoxification, treatment, therapy and rehabilitation.\n\n \n\nWhen you are looking for an addiction treatment center near Mobile, Alabama, you should not miss out on The Dauphin Way Lodge. It is located in Mobile, Alabama, which is one of the major centers for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in the United States. The Dauphin Way Lodge is also famous for being one of the most popular alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers. It is a place where people from all ages and races to gather so that they can get the help and support they need. It is a place where addicts and alcoholics can come together in a place where they can be comfortable and relax. These centers have proved to help many people recover from addictions and their lives.

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