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Drug addiction treatment is the long-term process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for dependence on addictive psychoactive substances like alcohol amphetamines and benzodiazepines. The most common cause of drug addiction is drug use in combination with some other substance usually an illegal substance. The most important characteristic that distinguishes an addict from a non-addict is his/her capacity to withdraw from any harmful behavior such as drug use. It is important to identify the source of your addiction and the type of drug you are addicted to.

When using addictive substances withdrawal symptoms can include: irritability insomnia nausea vomiting anxiety restlessness anxiety chills sweats depression paranoia restlessness hyperthermia restlessness dizziness tremors chest pain headache diarrhea constipation seizures diarrhea restlessness fatigue headaches skin irritation blurred vision difficulty concentrating stomach aches sweating anxiety attacks and depression. The intensity and frequency of these symptoms vary from person to person depending upon their ability to resist drug withdrawal. In addition they can be caused by a wide range of psychological and medical illnesses including bipolar disorder depression anxiety substance abuse and withdrawal from prescription medicines. In addition many addicts suffer from physical illness that can also lead to drug withdrawal and this is particularly true of people with HIV/AIDS. A large number of addicts who undergo detoxification and other drug addiction treatment programs are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Several types of drug addiction treatment programs exist for different groups of people including those with less severe addictions. Those with moderate to severe addictions need ongoing outpatient and inpatient treatment programs. Inpatient treatment programs are usually more expensive than outpatient treatment programs but they provide immediate results and long-term maintenance of sobriety.

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