Decatur-Morgan Counseling Center - Decatur AL 35603

4110 US-31, Decatur, AL 35603

If you have an emotional problem or have recently gone through some type of loss and are feeling the need to talk, then a visit to the Decatur-Morgan Counseling Center may be just what you are looking for. The Center is a Christian-based counseling service that was founded in 1972 by Rev. Frank W. Morgan and is known as a “Hands Off” center. This means that you are not required to give any information or make any appointments for therapy during your visit. You will only be able to speak with a therapist during the evening hours when they are not on site or when the facility is closed. During this time, you can discuss any issues that you feel may be related to depression or other problems you may be having, but you will be allowed to do this anonymously.

If you have been dealing with depression, then it will be very important that you are able to visit the Decatur-Morgan Counseling Center if you are having trouble with your personal relationships. The therapists at this counseling center understand the stress that people go through when they lose a loved one. Because of this they are able to provide treatment to help patients deal with the anxiety and pain that may come along with the loss of a loved one. They will not try to force you to talk about your situation or make suggestions, however they will provide a place where you can go to get a support group that can help you deal with the anxiety and other issues that may come up when dealing with loss. This group will consist of other people who are dealing with similar problems, which will give you the comfort of being able to discuss your concerns with others who have experienced similar issues.

It is very important that you go to the center when you feel like you need to talk, however when the center is open, then you can come and go as you please, however during therapy sessions, you should be able to meet with a therapist face to face for some type of discussion. The therapists at this center are certified to provide therapy, so they can give you the best advice and guidance you may need. They also offer many types of services and a variety of therapies including psychotherapy, marriage counseling and other types of therapeutic programs for a wide variety of people.

4110 U.S. Highway 31 South Decatur AL 35603 0 km
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4110 US-31, Decatur, AL 35603 0 km
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