DeKalb Regional Medical Center - Fort Payne AL 35968

200 Medical Center Drive SW Fort Payne AL 35968

This article is about DeKalb Regional Medical Center in the city of Atlanta. If you are looking for a hospital that offers the best health care and treatment, you can go to this hospital in DeKalb. As the name suggests, DeKalb Regional Medical Center is located in the city of Atlanta. The medical center was founded in 1916 and is run by the DeKalb County Health Department. The facility has one of the highest ratio of doctors compared to any other hospitals in the Atlanta area.\n\n \n\nYou should definitely visit DeKalb Regional Medical Center if you are not comfortable with the hospital where you are going. You have to understand that the doctors that work here are well trained and experienced. You can also find many facilities that are not available anywhere else in Atlanta or Georgia. The facilities include the MRI and CAT scans, which are available at no cost. You will also find various nursing facilities which are very advanced and provide a lot of comfort and amenities.\n\n \n\nThe DeKalb facility also has a number of outpatient clinics and a few inpatient clinics that are available. There is a 24 hour emergency department, which is open round the clock. The physicians here give all sorts of attention and treatment to the patients and the staffs are always on the look out to make sure that the patients are taken care of. The staffs here are very experienced and provide excellent services to the patients. Therefore, DeKalb Regional Medical Center has earned a lot of reputation among different people and even has been ranked as one of the best hospitals in the country.

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