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Mental health refers to a person’s level of mental health or absence of mental disease. It is the condition of a person who is “working at a satisfactory state of mental and/or behavioral adjustment.” This can be achieved by providing the individual with a supportive environment to live in and having regular medical care. When this condition is not met, it becomes a problem as it could result to the deterioration of a persons mental health and well-being.

People with a mental disorder are said to have “low self-esteem,” which makes them feel inadequate, unhappy and anxious about life and their future. They can become depressed or exhibit other types of negative behavior such as mood swings and irritability. The person may also be unable to think rationally and develop detailed plans. They may show signs of having short attention spans and having difficulties concentrating and staying on task. Many people with a mental disorder also experience problems in relationships with their family, friends, co-workers and others. It may also cause the person to withdraw from society and lead a solitary life. The person may be diagnosed with a mental disorder when they are experiencing these symptoms for at least six months.

When a person has a mental disorder, they should be checked by a medical professional. If the person does not have any mental illnesses, they should be evaluated as a candidate for an evaluation. It will consist of a series of tests and diagnostic tools which will help determine if there is a probable need for treatment. For example, if a person is suffering from depression, a psychologist might evaluate their state to determine whether or not it is serious or just temporary. If it is serious, they may suggest medication that could be given to the patient. The person also may undergo therapy to help address their negative thoughts and feelings. Treatment may also include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal communication therapy and/or family therapy to ensure that the person continues to live a happy and healthy life.

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