East Central Mental Health Center - Union Springs AL 36089

202 Abercrombie St, Union Springs, AL 36089

Located at 4120 E. Carson Street, this East Central Mental Health Center is located in the area of Westheimer Road. This facility has an appointment scheduling system that has been programmed to make your life easier. Many people come to the clinic for treatment and are not familiar with the staff and the location of this facility. The staff at the East Central Mental Health Center is friendly, patient, knowledgeable and professional. This is one of the few centers that have seen a major decline in their services and have also experienced a significant increase in their number of clients. This is because the clients are having a hard time finding the proper center to help them in their need.

This East Central Mental Health Center is a 24-hour center that provides services for people with mental illnesses, especially if the disorder has been a long time coming on. They offer a variety of services to the patients. These services range from individual therapy to group therapy sessions. If you suffer from bipolar disorder, or any type of mental illness, then the staff at the East Central Mental Health Center can help you to find a place to go in which you can feel comfortable and get the help that you need. There is a wide array of psychotherapy services available to these patients. The services include group therapy sessions for a variety of different problems, one-on-one therapy with trained therapists, and group therapy sessions where all of the patients can come together to work together. All of these services are available free of charge to anyone in need.

The East Central Mental Health Center is located near the Westheimer Community Center on E. Carson Street. This facility offers many benefits to people who suffer from mental disorders. The staff at this clinic can be very helpful to those who are suffering from the effects of mental disorders and are looking for a place to go where they will feel safe and comfortable. They are there to help the patients overcome their fears and have as much fun as they want while getting the therapy that they need. East Central Mental Health Center is known for its good care of the patients and will make sure that they get the right type of treatment so that they do not have to suffer any further.

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