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200 Cherry Street Troy AL 36081

East Central Mental Health Inc is a mental health care clinic located in Oklahoma City. The Clinic is managed by a Board of Directors and has over forty-five licensed therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and doctors. The Clinic provides free consultations and is available to anyone that lives in or near Oklahoma City. The clinic provides several different programs and activities to its patients and families. Many of the programs are free for families are encouraged to enroll their children in one of these programs. There are also some fee-based programs available at East Central Mental Health Inc.\n\n \n\nThe Counselors at East Central Mental Health are trained and licensed psychologists. Their main function is to treat mental illnesses and to provide emotional and medical counseling to those that need it. These counselors are licensed and they have undergone an intensive two-year program that included a clinical intern, study abroad program, internship under a licensed psychologist, as well as community training. They also undergo a training course that allows them to provide the best possible treatment to those that come to their clinic. There are two counselors on staff at the clinic; they are called the Psychologist Onsite Director, and the Psychologist Offsite Director.\n\n \n\nThe Counselors at East Central Mental Health also conduct group therapy sessions for those that attend their program. This type of group therapy is usually held on Friday nights or during the week. A psychiatrist will be present in a group session to listen to the needs and concerns of the patients and give them the individual attention they are looking for. The counselors work in conjunction with the therapists to ensure that they understand what the patients are saying and then talk about it with them.

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