East Pointe Hospital - Daphne AL 36526

7400 Roper Lane Daphne AL 36526

East Pointe Hospital is located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. It serves as the largest hospital of East Pointe and is also known for its health care facilities. The hospital is a division of the St. Vincent’s Healthcare, a nationally-renowned chain of hospitals located in New York, California, Texas and Arizona. This hospital also serves as a major referral centre for the people who are from out of town and who cannot get to the Atlanta area. East Pointe Hospital is also a leading public hospital in the Georgia.\n\n \n\nThe East Pointe Hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services to its patients. The hospital is known for its pediatric clinics and its heart centre. Its hospital staff consists of doctors, nurses, surgeons and a large number of medical assistants. It has an oncology department, dermatology department, cardiology department, radiology department and surgery department. All of its facilities to provide top quality care to their patients. East Pointe hospital has a number of departments that offer a variety of different medical services to their patients. It also provides outpatient care through its two outpatient clinics and an emergency room.\n\n \n\nEast Pointe hospital also has a blood bank, pathology lab and a cancer clinic. All of its clinics have fully equipped laboratories, X-ray machines, MRI machines and CT scanners. All of its doctors, nurses and surgical technicians are highly qualified and certified. All the patients who come to the hospital must go through a health screening process. The doctors and other staff are also well trained and highly skilled.

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