Easterseals Blake Foundation - Yuma AZ 85364

3860 West 24th Street Yuma AZ 85364

Easterseals Blake Foundation was created by two Arizona citizens who realized that mental illness was one of the leading causes of poverty. They recognized the need to educate communities about the dangers of untreated mental illness and they also recognized that there was a need to provide families and individuals with an avenue for reducing the stress of mental illness. Through the efforts of an award-winning volunteer board and volunteers the foundation has helped to improve and develop community programs throughout the state.

One of the most important functions of the Easterseals Blake foundation is its commitment to providing mental health services to the community. The organization has a strong history of serving families in Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico with its highly respected family mental health programs. These programs have helped families to overcome many of the challenges that can come from living with a mental illness or even a family member who is mentally ill. The organization is committed to developing an effective program that will not only increase the quality of life and recovery rates but also improve the quality of family relationships that may be threatened by a mentally ill family member.

Another purpose of the foundation is to help individuals suffering from mental illnesses to live a better happier and healthier life. Through the resources and support of volunteers the foundation has helped to provide mental health services to those who cannot benefit from professional mental health services in their area. There are numerous organizations that provide services to those with mental illnesses. Many of these organizations are designed to help families and individuals cope with a mental illness while ensuring that they get the most out of treatment and support. The goal of any organization working to provide mental health services is to provide services that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and to ensure that individuals receive the best possible treatment and assistance.

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